We apologize for the preemptive announcement regarding new coverage mentioned in our letters to patients that were mailed out today. Unfortunately, we were unable to finalize our contract with Dr. Aziz as promised. We apologize for the added stress we have caused Ms. Cooper (and her family), as well as our remaining staff and patient families. We are currently pursuing other options to keep our staff and patients in place at Family First Medical Center. Please check back for updates


We are sad to announce the departure of Jeff D. Smith, MD as a practicing physician at Family First Medical Center effective April 14th, 2014.

Dr. Smith would like to express his appreciation to all his patients, staff, and friends in the Hopkins County area. We wish him and his family all the best in their upcoming move.

Our remaining staff is currently working on hiring another physician in order to provide the same level of service and care you have come to expect from our office.

For any questions regarding ongoing medical care or medical records, please contact us at (903)885-8929.


When is Dr. Smith leaving?

Dr. Smith will be in the office until Friday, April 11th.

Are you taking new patients?

Dr. Smith is currently not taking new patients. It is possible we will begin accepting new patients after April 14th.

I want to see Dr. Smith before he leaves. Can I get an appointment?

Given the limited remaining time, Dr. Smith cannot schedule routine follow-up visits. We will only be seeing currently scheduled patients or urgent care visits.

Can I still get Botox?

Unfortunately, Botox and other aesthetic procedures will likely not continue either.

I need to refill my medications before Dr. Smith leaves--can you  place a refill?

Refill requests will be handled in the same manner. Please contact your pharmacy if you are out of refills. Due to the volume of requests, please do not make further requests if you have authorized refills.

Will you guys remain open?

We are currently working on hiring a new physician. We should have a contract in place next week. After we have a contract we will formally announce the new physician.

What about the current staff?

All the staff will remain in place for now. We will have a new receptionist in place prior to Dr. Smith's departure. Rest assured, Paula will continue to function as medical assistant.

I am not sure I will remain at Family First Medical Center--how can I get my records?

Medical records can be transferred to other offices if desired--you need to fill out a request. Personal requests for records are still subject to printing/processing fees.